Tech News: Interactive fitting rooms in South Africa

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Many woman find the fitting room a very frightening place, I personally always head to the change room to as I get very irritated when I try something on when I get home and it either does not fit me or I prefer the item in another colour. I typically always take two sizes of everything I try on because I already know my body type. There is nothing worse than having to walk out to grab another size or colour and their is already a ridiculous queue waiting.
I appreciate tech, so I get excited to hear that tech and shopping are being brought together The concept I am talking about is called Connected fitting rooms which is an innovation created by Accenture.
Connected fitting rooms bring technology and communication into your change room. When you walk into your change room you will have a full size mirror and screen which will customize your experience through the Otliva retail app.
You will need to create a profile where you will select the clothes you came into the change room with from the store gallery, it will then appears on the screen. It will also show you what other colours and sizes the item comes in,should you wish to swap anything.
The great thing as well is it suggests accessories that match your item and sale items. If you want to swap something because of the incorrect size or color then the app will notify  the store assistant who will then get it for you.
This app will also give stores great insights into some trends, like which items are the most popular and stores will be able to access their customers by promoting sales and speaking directly to customers around any issues they may have.
Now you may be thinking this concept is something of the future? Well not really, Keep an eye out for selected retail stores in Sandton shopping centre that are launching next week! Accenture and Microsoft also be doing demonstrations at Social Media Week.
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