What “The Bachelor” Has Taught Me About Love

Yes, secretly I do watch The Bachelor and occasionally The Bachelorette, I cannot help the cheesy love stories and romantic destinations. I don’t however in any way endorse The Bachelor South Africa, not to be funny but its a waste of my time as many local shows are – there… done…I said it.

Now back to the point of this post. Surprisingly though, this show actually teaches you quite a few love life lessons…let me elaborate further… People always say that you’ll find love when you least expect it.

Don’t date multiple people at once, are you ready for it? – I don’t know how these ladies do it, they sit there competing and comparing themselves to each other, not to mention that The bachelor kisses so many frogs (lol) as he makes his way to his final two roses. I have never been one to play this dangerous game. If I choose you, my effort is focused on you – done. Also the drama……sigh,

Roses are a deal breaker – Honestly I love roses, not one rose but a bouquet YES! Ha Ha, even one rose will done, its an automatic mood booster and I think its soo romantic…as long as you don’t expect a fantasy suite date – #Spicy….

Do it for the right reasons – This applies to most things in life but a relationship is sacred for me, if you decide to dedicate your time to one specific person and you want to grow with them then do that, It shouldn’t be for any other selfish reasons like fame/spite/jealousy etc – people have feelings okay! Also always be honest with them and yourself.

Perfection – People on the show look like they come out of a Sports Illustrated magazine, they are always styled to perfection, they are on the most exotic locations and their dates are perfection (well except the group dates lol). Real life is not like that, and in any case, why cant snuggling on the couch be considered the best date ever – okay plus a glass of wine…

Trying new things together can strengthen or break a relationship – as with most relationships, you get to know what you and your partner like, what your weaknesses are etc. You also learn where to draw the line and let him go enjoy playing soccer/ river rafting, jumping out of a plane etc with the boys…

Just be yourself – regardless if you are on tv or not, please just be yourself, imagine how tiring it must be to always want to be perfect or compare yourself to someone else, if he doesn’t vibe with you – its not meant to be…

In case of a break-up, there’s always a stint on The Bachelorette —or Bachelor in Paradise – Only TV will put you through another adventure of drama and finding new “love”, definitely not a reality for me, if its time to part, that life, I will rather hibernate and go to the gym…

Lastly never settle – How many Bacelor’s/Bachelorettes propose and it doesnt work out. This is one of things in life you have to think about, its a life long decision, well that’s how I see it. Never EVER settle for someone who treats you like the asshole that he is…they are not your only option and you deserve everything you want in a person. Don’t give up hope, especially if you feel like its taking to long. I am a hopeless romantic – just believe.

What are your thoughts on the Bachelor? Do you watch it? I would love to know, comment below.

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