Life lately – I am officially one year older….

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Lately life has been crazy, its been two weeks and I have not even had the time to write a blog post. Not to mention these two weeks have just flown by, from crazy deadlines to last minute work trips to Angola and Cape Town.This year has just gone by way too fast. I feel like I need to press PAUSE
 It was my birthday this week Monday, I was really proud of myself, I had a positive attitude this year as apposed to the last five birthday were I actually did not want to admit that I am getting older. I have decided being 2 years short of thirty means I need to start deducting one year off my age each birthday going forward, you know, to keep a good balance.
This years celebrations were simple, I spent time with all my favourite people, we ate food, laughed and chatted away. Last but not least we shopped…yes we shopped a lot! But it would not be a successful birthday without some shopping!
 On a serious note, I believe life can only get better and that every tough situation is thrown at you to pave way to success and happiness. Well that’s my theory any ways. I do not feel a older… I am just happy with my life and the people I share it with.
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