POND’S Pimple Clear Review #StopHiding

There is nothing worse than getting pimples as an adult. It’s actually really embarrassing but probably not as bad as we think it is. I get very self-conscious, to the point that I avoid one-on-one conversations at work – to a certain extent of course.  Now I know that sounds really dramatic but I really cannot help it. I find myself touching my face and looking into a mirror often though the day to make sure my make-up is covering it up!

I have been lucky over the years as I did not have troublesome skin, however I mostly get pimples when I am hormonal and some of them can be really ugly. I usually see pimples around my  jaw, forehead, and my upper lip.

No one likes pimples but the biggest issue is fighting the temptation to pick at it and running the risk of leaving scars and pigmentation from the after effect! I am a serious offender!

About the POND’s range:

The range is formulated with Active Thymo-T Essence, Pond’s Pimple Clear uses unique Lock + Clear Technology.

– For smooth, clear skin. See a difference in 3 days
– Formulated with the world’s first for face care Active Thymo-T Essence
– Helps fight pimples at the root
– Suitable for all skin types

The New POND’S Pimple Clear range consists of a Facial Foam and a Leave-On Expert Cleansing Gel. The range is best used twice per day, in the morning and evening, as part of a daily regime.

How to use these products:

Get the best results from NEW POND’S Pimple Clear. Follow these simple steps twice daily and see the difference in 3 Days:

  1. Gently wet your face
  2. Create a lather and massage the face wash onto your face
  3. Rinse off the lather
  4. Apply the cleansing gel as you would your moisturiser
  5. Leave on and let dry
  6. Apply twice a day

The Pond’s Expert Face Cream is now a staple in my make-up bag when I travel so I am able to get rid of any pimples that begin to surface, I’m glad that it will only take 3 days!

You’ll never feel like you have to hide your skin or your confidence again. It’s time to #StopHiding

These products are available at your local Click’s and Dischem stores. However if you cannot get to the shops, you are able to order it on the website.

Have you tried these products? What did you think?

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