Interior Inspiration: Lauren Conrad’s home

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Some of you might not know this but I still live at home with the parents. Yes i know – I am old enough to live on my own. Technically being portuguese, it’s quite a common thing to still be living at home. Yesterday was a public holiday here in South Africa (Worker’s Day) and the more I look around the more I realise that either I am a hoarder or my living space is becoming way to small. Lets be honest, I only have my room to staore all my stuff in. Where as if I had my own place I would have all the space in the world! Well you know, a one or two bedrooom place – OMW if I had an extra room i could turn into a closet I would be in heaven:)
So I was looking around online to find clever storage ideas and I came accross Lauren Conrad’s house and I fell in love all over again. Now more than ever I am seriously thinking of leaving the nest. Her interior styling detail is amazing, she uses everyday closet items and outs them on display which makes for the perfect decrotive peice. I get a lot of inspiration,both personal style and everyday life from Lauren,have a look at her website,she is not just a pretty face
If you are looking for interior inspiration or storage ideas, I do recommend Pinterest, however I do warn you, the images are to die for! If you would like to follow me on Pinterest, click here.
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