Online Shopping: What I Shop for on Gumtree

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I am not the type of person who makes a purchase off just any site. I really need to be quite convinced of the products the site offers as well as their service. Ok and a good deal is probably what’s the deciding factor in most of my purchases, I mean who can say no to a good deal? I can thank my mother for this handy quality, she is the best person to take shopping, she makes me laugh when we get to a till and asks for a discount, even in a retailer like Edgars (Moms)!
Gumtree is pretty impressive in that you not only able to purchase goods off this site but you are also able to sell things online too! It’s really a win win situation. Lately I have been pretty much stalking the following 3 categories on Gumtree:
 Lately I have been lusting over a new camera, mostly because I love taking pictures but also because I have strated vlogging and the one thing I learn’t is that a good quality camera is key. Now of course a good quality camera costs money, so while I save for my next big gift to myself, I have been checking Gumtree for good deals as I would not mind buying a good quality second hand camera that will work just a well as a brand new one will.
 Now if you are a frequent visitor to my site you will already know that I am pretty much a shopaholic – yes I said it. Even though my closet is over flowing and practically bursting at the seams, I cannot help but go online and look for any designer items, like handbags or sunglasses ( and accessories ( Even clothing – as if I need anymore.
I am very particular about my hair, It is probably one of my features that I take pride in looking after. I am not really a nails/facial kind of girl. I love browsing for new hair products and styling tools. I was so happy to have purchased my first GHD which had probably been used once. It was in mint condition and I have been the happiest girl with the straightest hair. Lately I have been searching for Babyliss products as we have such a limited range in South Africa. I would love to have some of their styling tools we don’t gat access to, I will be checking this page weekly.
On a more serious note, the older I get the more serious I get about owning my own property and becoming more independent. Being Portuguese I have never been pressured to move out of my parents house but I have made a conscious decision that it is definitely something I want to do in the next two years. I would also like to make it more official and something I can be proud of by calling it My Home!
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Some general tips:
• Now I would not be able to end this post with a few tips to be a savvier online shopper and this really applies to all sites.
• Try and meet the seller in person so that you can see the product in person. Do so in a mall or somewhere where there is people around.
• Use common sense, if something really looks too good to be true, it probably is.
• If you feel that you have had a bad experience, let Gumtree know, this will only better your shopping experience.
• If the seller lists their full name, try and do an online search and view their profile.
• Soon you will also be comfortable enough to sell your goods which then will give you access to some extra cash.
There is nothing wrong with buying second hand goods; someone else’s used goods might become gems in your life!
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Have you ever shopped on Gumtree?
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