Flying High

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The Friday before my birthday, I was on my way to work and I received a phone call, I was asked “What are you doing later today?” My answer was “I am not sure why?”. Well to my surprise I was given a helicopter ride as a birthday gift. Now it’s not every day that something like this gets offered to you, automatically I said YES:)
The whole day I was walking around with a fat smile on my face -I looked like the cat in Alice in Wonderland (well not quite, but you know what I mean). I finally drove my way to Grand Central Airport where my crew, pilot and helicopter were waiting for me.
I forgot to mention that I am not exactly the most comfortable passenger, even in normal planes, it’s not like I travel often enough to get comfortable (I am just saying). As usual the pilot and his crew made jokes about what could go wrong – to my horror, but I kept a straight face. The crew was actually setting up a camera on the front of the helicopter because they were going out to do some pre- shooting of Ellis Park – the Rugby stadium in the heart of Johannesburg.
We took off from Midrand to central Johannesburg. We were up in the air for about one hour. I honestly cannot describe the experience, it’s the most amazing feeling I have had in a long time. The city is beautiful from that height. We did a few test shots of the stadium; this was all prep for game day the next day. I will not bore you with any rugby chit chat, but this crew and pilot definitely have fun day jobs.
Its opportunities like this that make you fall in love with life all over again, I recently wrote a post on how I wasn’t really looking forward to my birthday, you may read more about it here.
I will not lie, I was sweating bullets during a bit of the flight and not because it was bumpy. This experience made me realize we can only appreciate life by enjoying every moment and not taking anything for granted, I walked off the plane and I promised myself I would make sure I do something spectacular every year around my birthday!


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