Sass Diva is getting a Makeover!

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Why the re-brand?
To my surprise, I came accross the following tweet from @SassDivaSA (Sass Diva Accessories):
“Sass Diva is in the process of a makeover! Soon to be known as Zuri! New name, logo and beautiful look “.
Sass Diva’s trendy mix of fashion accessories which including neckwear, earrings, rings, wrist wear and hair accessories has changed the way I shop for jewellery. Not to mention the incredible sales they have which I cannot resist. South african’s have identified Sass Diva as the go to brand for on trend jewellery. The iconic pink heart has become a well known symbol in South Africa, there are many happy ladies out there (I am one of them) who owns a fair share of the product range.
Their style stems from the latest catwalk looks and trends from London, New York, Paris and Tokyo etc,not to mention adding there own twist. This defines them as leaders in their indusry and sets them world’s apart from their competitors.

I am excited to see how their re-branding will change the brand. They are not only a South African brand now, but an African brand too!I am excited for the change:)
What do you think? Do you like the new change?

Make sure you follow Zuri on Twitter to keep up to date with the latest trends on offer and more information on the makeover.

Visit for more information.

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