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Not everyone is going to enjoy this post, but since I share so much of my life on my blog I don’t see why not. Here in South Africa it’s Winter and I am starting to hate the weather. I actually have no right to have this attitude as we are quite blessed that our winter Is not even that cold. I usually get excited to start rocking all my winter accessories, but not this year. I have not even worn gloves yet.

You probably wondering why this post is called “SuzyCakes“, well that would be my unwanted gut that decided to grow on me over night. Well not really over night. You need to understand, although I am not a petite girl, I have never EVER had a gut, I actually pride myself on this fact. It’s winter so my gym motivation has gone right out the door. Its so depressing! I have not been to the gym for about a month and a half and I am starting to feel the effects of it. I am super tired in the morning and I struggle to get up for work, I basically have no energy. I really have no excuse as I now live 1km away from the gym.
So recently I decided to get back onto the bandwagon, sometimes I wish there was a blogger support forum of sorts to motivate me. I have consulted my fellow blogger friend Le1ghlo, who not so long ago lost a large amount of weight, check out her blog here. Her transformation is incredible and I really hope I can achieve that kind of result, now all I need is will power and motivation!
Ok so my nagging session is over – I feel better. So ladies what are you doing to keep yourselves motivated?

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