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Typically it’s that time of the year where every girl goes into panic mode about being seen in a bikini, yes it’s SPRING already! I didn’t over indulge that much this winter but I also did not take gym as seriously as I had planned. I started thinking about things that I could do in addition to going to the gym on a more regular basis, soda came into my mind straight away, now I am not obsessed with Fizzy drinks or anything, nor do I consume them on a daily basis.
It is frowned apon by family and friends when I reach for a can of ice cold Coca Cola at family functions, as they preach how bad coke is for you… blah blah. Just thinking of it makes me wish I had some right now as I write this post.
I don’t know what it is but there is nothing better than a cold can of Coke! I have gotten into the habit of buying a can of coke every Friday as well as a mini packet of crisps and a magazine on my way home from work. I guess it forms part of my routine chill time on a Friday night. I also indulge in a can of Appletizer every second to third day while my water bottle stares at me on my desk at work.
Now I am by no means saying that removing soda from my diet will miraculously help me shet 10kg’s, but its a start! I have read online that by removing fizzy drinks from your diet, eliminates unwanted sugar in the body which in turn results in weight loss as you are taking in less sugar.You may be wondering where this is all coming from, well,I am a month away from my 27th birthday (EEEEK) and I have decided that there is no time like the present to embark on a heath journey. I will be posting all my struggles and accomplishments along the way via my social media pages, follow me for more information and join me if you interested, I would love to hear from you. I have created a hashtag just in case we start a movement: #QuitingSoda
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