Meet My Fur Kids Max and Rocco

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If you follow me on social media you will know that I am the proud mom of a chocolate brown Dachshund by the name of Rocco and recently I became the proud mom of a white German Shepard called Max.

Its been eight years since Rocco entered my life, and my life has never been the same!I grew up with dogs so it just makes sense that I continue to have dogs, they honestly such lovable animals that bring joy to me on a daily basis. Well except yesterday, Max decided to chew my white bra, he grabbed it of the washing line – but I still love him!!

Now onto Max, the latest addition into the Da Silva family. We weren’t looking to get a new dog because as you know, dogs are a huge responsibility but when I was sent a photo of the cutes fluff ball, I thought, let me just go look – yeah right! There was a puppy in my car half an hour later. I could not resist. We have had Max for just under 4 months, I cannot believe how quickly he has grow up!

Max is quite special, he has such a sweet personality and is so playful! Alo his green eyes is something you cant help but stare at. Rocco on the other hand is super sweet but has a slight arrogance in him – he gets that from me!

As you know, we can spoil them as much as we want but one of the most important factors in raising a dog is what you feed them. Apart from their daily main meal twice a day, they both get treats when I get home. I was recently sent Montego’s latest Bags O’ Wags Chewies treats which launched five new gourmet flavours to its already existing range. This is in response to research that notes a sizeable increase in demand for high-quality, premium treats – only the best for my pups I say!

The five new Bags O’ Wags Chewies include Bacon Flavoured Strips, Beef Flavoured Marrow Bones, Beef and Veg Flavoured Twisties, a Delicious Assortment of Mini Bones, and a Cheerfully Chewie Jumble of Hearts, which are completed by the existing Beefy, Veggie and Chicky Chewies

The Bags O’ Wags range has a treat for even the fussiest of dogs! There are Crunchies for those that prefer biscuits and Chewies for dogs who want something to savour! Made with real meat for bioavailability & maximum nutrient absorption, Bags O’ Wags is a healthy reward for good behaviour, an incentive when training or a between-meal-snack.

The new Montego treat range

On a side note, do you know how hard it was to take these photos, there was some serious treat bribery going on!!

If you’re looking for treats for your dogs, definitely check out for Montego Pet Nutritian. You can check out their entire range here. They have so many different flavors!

What kind of dog do you have?

The Montego team kindly sent Max and Rocco some treats, all opinions are my own.
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