Hollywood vs Brazilian?

Hi There,

Yes I know what you thinking… overshare…however this is more of a just over 6 month check-in.

Initially when I started doing research about hair removal I was not completely sold on the idea. I mean, does it really slow down hair growth?

Well I can happily say that it does.

I have done a few sessions already, my Portuguese moustache and my underarms. Take a look at my previous blog post for more detail and some video footage of my experience. I have completed one full set of sessions (dependent on how many sessions you purchase) for both areas and now I have moved on south to another area of my body…

My plan is to take care of my Vajaayjay, and I am in that process at the moment, the results just get better as the weeks go by. Now you probably intrigued by the title of this post, so yes, I did go back and forth about how I was going to landscape the area, I just decided less fuss is better, so Hollywood it is. I must say, my Glo laser and beauty Therapist Anneke is literally an angel, she makes each session as comfortable as possible, even though half the time she makes me get into the “pretzel position”!

I can honestly recommend laser if you are like me and cannot handle hair on certain parts of your body. I don’t want to deal with the pain of waxing and now I don’t need to even consider it!

If you would like to book a session, the lovely ladies at Glo Laser and Beauty are offering my readers a 30% discount on your FIRST laser hair removal treatment, use the promo code Vanessa30 Please let me know if you decide to try this treatment, I would love to know.

so here are some questions I have received on my social media channels:

How much progress have I seen?

On my face and underarms I would say 80% there and down south I would say 65%, but I am very impressed with the results thus far.

Is it getting less painful? 

Honestly its not painful for me, some areas are slightly more sensitive than others, it helps that Anneke chats o be for the whole session so she distracts me from the session. It goes by so quickly.

Has shaving gotten easier?

Yes definitely, there is less hair to take care of, the hair that grows back actually falls out eventualy.

Is there anything that annoys you? 

Some areas respond quicker to the treatment than others. But I am getting there.

Has my hair growth slowed?

Yes definitely, so much so that I forget to shave my underarms.

Do I feel like it’s worth it?

Yes, I do. Every time I go, it’s exciting to see how much less hair grows back. I am also excited that I started in winter which means I am ready for summer!

Any other questions? Let me know!

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