Forever New Twilight Symphony Collection

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 photo 10150632_504252289680162_158943630_n.jpg
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 photo 10155636_504252253013499_1822486730_n.jpg
 photo 10176207_504252356346822_454533979_n.jpg
 photo 10155855_504252239680167_1089723590_n.jpg
 photo 1972249_504252306346827_637774772_n.jpg
No one said winter needs to be dull and boring. Especially not with the winter Forever New Collection. Looking at these images, I really cannot wait to start rocking all my winter accessories, faux fur, boots and layers and more layers. In south Africa we are fortunate as winter is actually not that bad to get through. I noticed that its starting to get nippy in the evenings, will need to start unpacking all my winter wear.
In my eyes, Forever new really cannot do any wrong. I love the pastels and feminine touch their collections have. Oh and of course the bling factor, their accessories and clothing have a touch of sparkle at any angle.
What are your favourite trends in winter?
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