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Hello There and Happy New Year (and new decade), its 2020, can you believe it?? I thought this would be the perfect day to post this as I know many of you have started work today – hopefully you don’t have Monday blues as you should be fresh from your holiday!

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Each year I sit and think about what I want to achieve and yes the cliché list of resolutions gets attention. I am not one to be too hard on myself but I think as I get older, I really want to try and stick to some of the things I mention below. Life seems to fly by soo quickly so why not?

Waking up earlier – I have been actually achieving this over the last two week, I just need to maintain it now, I have a tendency of going to bed late for no reason which makes me tired and I struggle to wake up early. When I say early I want to wake up each morning at 5AM baby!

Exercise – I ended the year on a high note and seem to be on a winning streak. I really want to maintain the importance of going to the gym or taking part in outdoor activities.

De-clutter – I de-cluttered so much of my wardrobe and my make-up collection, I just could not stop. I was actually quite obsessed! I plan on selling some items from my wardrobe, but more information will follow on my social media platforms soon.

Self Care – And by this I don’t mean putting on a mask or watching Netflix, I mean be more in tune with myself, be kinder with words to myself, do things that make me happy (baking/reading) etc. Also not allowing myself to be hurt by people because I have set expectations that the other person is not aligned with…I learnt this the hard way last month (This includes friendships and partners).

Less screen time – Getting out of the habit of always checking my phone, I must be honest, load shedding has helped me (funny not funny).

More content – I say this every year but my blog/content has always brought me so much joy, I would like to take this to a whole new level and it excites me!

Reading – I have always been an avid reader, back in primary school I would read a Sweet Valley novel in 24hours! I was obsessed. But as I get older, I am either just to tired or exhausted when i get back from work. Hopefully with me waking up earlier and also prioritising my life a bit better I will be getting back on my reading zone. Please follow my Goodreads account here for more information on what I am currently reading.

What are some of your plans/resolutions this year?

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