5 Fuel Saving Tips For A Savvy Driver

Fuel costs are at an all time high no matter if you are a petrol or diesel driver. Budgeting for fuel is as real as it gets, now if you are like me who likes to shop, this is becoming increasingly difficult to maintain a balance.

Don’t take your anger out on your car, I tend to drive angry sometimes and this affects my fuel consumption and my pocket – I would rather have a new pair of heels thanks!

The impact of bad driving habits on fuel consumption is often underestimated, but a few smart tips that will better your driving behaviour can go a long way towards saving you money.

Here are my 5 tips:

1. Light Cargo:

Make sure you remove any unnecessary cargo from your boot and back seat as the vehicle will use less energy to accelerate. I always have spare clothes and shoes in my boot just in case, time to tidy up. Things like jumper cables, a small tool set etc are a good idea to keep in the vehicle.

2. Tyres Pressure: 

Make sure your vehicles tyres are inflated to its optimum tyre pressure, correct pressure results in less resistance on the roads and less fuel usage.

Keeping wheels aligned and tyres at the right pressure reduces fuel consumption and it also reduces wear and tear on tyres. Have a look inside the driver’s side door for details or in your Owners Manual for the front and rear tyre pressure recommendations.

3. Get Your Vehicle Checked 

Vehicles need to be checked by an approved dealership regularly as many factors can lead to increased fuel consumption. Also following the manufacturer’s recommended grade of motor oil in your Owner’s Manual will keep your engine’s lubrication system working as efficiently as possible.

4. Cruise Control Usage:

Activating cruise control keeps you from driving faster without noticing, and by maintaining a constant speed, you won’t use additional fuel while accelerating.

5. Aircon Debate:

Be aware of changes in temperature and make sure you switch off the aircon when you don’t need it on as it does increase your fuel consumption. Sometimes just opening the sunroof or window  makes all the difference, however this can also cause a change in your fuel consumption, less so than using the aircon.


I hope these tips will help you with your fuel efficiency which will result in some spare change for shoes and make-up!


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