15 things every Stylish women should have…


1.Killer Heels. Just because they are so glamorous.Heels turn you into an instant style goddess and give you a surge of confidence.

2. An Amazing Hairstylist. You do after all wear your hair everyday. The right cut and color can transform your look. When you find the right one,follow them till the ends of the earth!

3. Witty Clutch Bag. This will always cause a stir at a party. Feather,jewels and funky designs are fun and flirty.

4. Matching Lingerie. Secretly only you know why you are smiling, a great pair of knickers makes you feel like a million bucks.

5. Red Lipstick. Don’t be scared to be bold. It’s very chic

6. Bag-Sized Hairbrush. For when you need to groom on the go.

7. A sense of humor. Because all the designers in the world can’t make you stylish if you take yourself too seriously.

8.Oversized Sunglasses. To make a style statement.

9. Flawless Skin. Protection to keep you young through the years.

10. Nail Polish. The brighter the better.

11. Leather Biker jacket. Edgy and tailored,a great investment piece.

12. Long Eyelashes. so feminine and makes a dramatic difference to your face

13. Lip Balm. Peeled and chapped lips are never seen in Vogue…

14. Stylish Flats. Heels can be such a faff at times,give your feet a break.

15. Make-up brushes. For the perfect application.

Read an article the other day which inspired this post, what makes you feel stylish? let me know:)


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