Ten Things You Might Not Know About Me

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I have had my blog for quite a while now (I actually need to check how long to be honest), my blog has always been second fiddle as I have a 9-5 however people are always asking me questions on Twitter DMs or Instagram Stories so I thought it would be a great opportunity to write a post and answer a few things you might not know about me. One thing for sure, the person you see on social media is the person you meet in real life… #JustSaying.

Outfit Details:
Bag: Parfois Portugal
Cape: Cotton On
White Tee: Woolworths
Hat: River Island
Boots and Jeans: Zara

  1. I love cars. Now you might know that my 9-5 involves me working in the motor Industry, I am an After sales Business Manager. I have worked in the motor industry for 7 years, other areas of the business I have been in: Marketing and Public Relations. Not only do I enjoy learning about cars, I love driving them too (especially performance cars)! I have even nicknames my current car Silver Bullet!
  2. I love cooking. If I was not doing what I do today, I would probably be a chef, I love cooking new recipes for my family. My love of food started in High school where I took a Hotel Keeping and Catering class, it was my favourite class! You can imagine that one of my favourite shows on TV is Master Chef Australia and I own a fair share of Cookbooks. Some of my favourite Chefs being Jaime Oliver and Nigela Lawson.
  3. I love being home alone. Its normal for a Portuguese child to live with their parents, even at my age, I don’t have an issue with it. I do appreciate the silence when there is no one around.
  4. I like working. Probably the saddest thing I have ever typed, but its true. I have always been this way, talk about trying to please everyone. I just wish I was like this with my blog!
  5. I am a good judge of character. I am pretty good at sensing if you are a bullshitter or fake. At my age I don’t have time to spend on poor quality people so i will no waste my time on them. If I sense that you are not my type of person, I will not engage.
  6. I am a shopaholic. It’s scary how I wrote this with such confidence, I love make-up and fashion, both are a passion of mine. I found myself walking through Clicks aimlessly today to see if there were any new product launches, if that’s not a clear sign then I do not know what is!
  7. I am not a very emotional person, but for some odd reason I cry during some of the episodes of the Bachelor! Just typing this is making me laugh!!
  8. I love my dogs. If you have been following me for a while you would have a some point seen my dachshund Rocco my little sausage pie and more recently, 4 months and two weeks to be exact, we have recently adopted Max, he is a white Alsatian, there are no words to describe this little devil, but he too cute!
  9. I can speak 4 languages, not all fluently. I can speak English, Portuguese, Afrikaans and French. Bucket list would be to learn Italian.
  10. I do not eat hot food – yes I know I am Portuguese, I just don’t like hot food – get over it…

Are there any other questions you would like to ask me? Let me know in the comments below.

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