Smart Girls Guide To Saving This Summer


It’s never too late to start saving, this time of the year is a constant reminder of this for me as it is my birthday tomorrow (sigh) and I usually splurge on a few items I would not normally purchase. I don’t go overboard but I definitely make it a birthday to remember.

Then to add there’s Christmas looming, which means I need to start thinking about presents for family and friends and the possibility of a December holiday and many adventures as I take quite a long break in December due to my company shutting down over the Festive season.
I thought I would share a few tips on how I plan to make a few adjustments to my lifestyle:

1. Eat out less – this will not only do wonders for your waist line but it will also save you quite a bit of money. I am guilty of popping into Woolies or a fast food restaurant on the way home from work quite often. As much as it is convenient, it is not always healthy and does become costly.

2. Walk – With EcoMobility month in full swing in South Africa, there is no better time to get people to cycle/ or walk to their destination. I generally take the Gautrain when I want to shop in Sandton, usually because the parking is so bad, but it also motivates me not to shop excessively as I know I then have to carry all my shopping back to the train when I leave! This is also a good way to get your heart rate up with a brisk walk, I generally hit my walking steps goal on my health App on a good day of shopping!

3. Keep debit orders to a minimum – Do you have a gym subscription, DSTV, Magazine subscription , gaming App’s or a subscription to a beauty sample box that you really have no use for? Now is the time to cancel them. Calm down, I know it’s hard but it’s good to de-clutter things in your life that you have no use or time for. You can finally catch up on the all the TV series your friends have already spoiled you with. Run outside, read a book, have coffee with a friend, etc. Use this time to rediscover and relish the simple things. And when you reinstate your subscription later you will appreciate it. Cancelling an insurance policy to save money actually exposes you to a lot more financial loss, so don’t expose yourself to risk just for holiday or expensive gifts.

4. Turn the junk in your trunk into cash – Now I know what you thinking, no I don’t want you to start taking pole dancing lessons! De-cluttering your wardrobe and beauty closet will do you some good. Selling items to people who will actually make use of the items collecting dust in your home. This is great as it gives you the opportunity to minimalize your life. The money you make could actually come in handy for a plane ticket etc. Sharing is caring and someone else might appreciate what you no longer have use for.

5. Check you’re not paying too much for insurance – If you are not sure that you are paying too much for insurance (car, home, possessions etc.) then take a look at comparative quotes from King Price who offers affordable premiums that decrease monthly. It’s worth getting a few quotes to make sure you’re paying the least amount possible for the same quality of cover. It also makes sense to consolidate your policies wherever possible. Saving on your insurance can save you a neat little pile every month. For more insurance related queries, take a look at the King Price blog. Remember, cancelling your insurance is not smart, but doing research on how you can save is!

Do you have any saving tips to share?



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