My Breaking Dawn finale Thoughts…

I finally got  the chance to watch Breaking Dawn 2 yesterday, I must say the movie definitely remained true to the book and I think it was a great end to the series. I don’t mind not being one of the First to watch it during the premiere week. I was caught off guard with the twist in the movie, where Alice’s thoughts get shown and there is a serious blood bath, then Boom,back to normal. My favourite scene was at the end when Bella and Edward reminisce on some of their past momories.
I read all the books before watching the movies and have always thought the books were beautifully written. I struggled to get through the last book as it is so thick and so much detail.  Then as I sat watching the movie, it went by so quickly.

I fell in love with the soundtrack on the movie, particularly the song by Christina Perrii – A Thousand Years, it is now on constant replay 🙂 If you want to have a listen,click on the link below.

If you haven’t gone an watch it and you are a fan, I suggest you take a weekend and watch all the previous movies, especially Breaking dawn 1.Here is a sneak peek into the movie 
Let me know if you watched the movie and what you thought of it!
Have a great week.

Miss V

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