My 2015 Goals

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Its my first day back at work and I am super excited for the year ahead. I told myself that I would not be setting any resolutions this year as some of them just never really amount to anything because I am not strict enough on myself.

As much as I don’t believe in creating resolutions, I have decided that I need to set myself monthly goals so that I feel like I am working towards something productive!

I actually got motivated by a fellow YouTuber called Essie Buttonto create this post!

So here you go, my 2015 goals:

Read more: I find myself watching more series than getting into a really good book, so I have decided that I need to read at least 12 books this year, which means 1 book a month. I am sure I can get this done!Let me know if you have any good book recommendations.

Be more organised: You probably thinking, this is easy right? Well I find it quite difficult to juggle a full time job and my blogging. I put in  long hours and the last thing I feel like doing is planning my blog posts when I get home, oh and I still need to squeeze in a gym session! I plan on writing more lists, not procrastinate as much and cross thing off my to do lists!

Be more healthy and fit: The older I get the more I realise how important this is for me. I would like to loose some weight but as a whole I would like to keep fit and be comfortable in my own skin.

Smarter Finances: I would like to become more savvy when it comes to my finances,  basically spend less and make smarter investments.

Spoil myself with fresh flowers: Beautiful fresh flowers make me smile, so I will be making sure I have them in my kitchen at least once a month.

Personal Development: I am turning (a year older), the older I get the more I find the need to focus more on my personal development ( life, work, relationships), basically improving myself and creating new opportunities for bigger better journey’s. 

What are your 2015 resolutions or goals? I would love to know!
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