Eyebrow Diaries – Claudia and Daphne

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So a few weeks ago I attended a Benefit event, where the lovely ladies decided to give my brows a make-over. Now I knew my one brow was slightly thinner than the other but I decided to cover up the over pluck with my Essence Brow Pencil in the colour “Blonde”. I have been using this product for quite a while and I am really happy with the way it looks.

“Lebo” at the Benefit counter basically made me come to terms with the mess I had created.  This is a good thing, its the first step in admitting I have a problem. What is this problem you may ask? Well I also decided a few years ago that I no longer needed to get my eyebrows done as I am a pro! Well this clearly needed to come to an end!


As much as I was impressed with the brows they sculpted with the Benefit products, I was determined to grow my brows back and get them reshaped and looking gorgeous again! Now I know growing back brows is no easy task as the hair does not grow back in the same areas necessarily.

I decided to get get some help by using an eyebrow oil based product that I diligently put on every night before bed. I also stopped plucking my eyebrows for 3 weeks (this was hard trust me). The only thing I did was make sure I did not grow a uni-brow and I removed any sporadic hairs.

I am Portuguese which automatically means I am quite hairy, so I needed to make sure I was decent for work every day. My eyebrows are a very prominent feature on my face and during this three week process I did feel slightly self conscious because I knew my brows were growing out of control.The photo above was taken at a Baptism I attended during the brow growing period and let me tell you, talking to people was hard as I thought everyone were staring at Claudia and Daphne – yes I named my brows! No need for introductions as you can see Daphne is the problem child.

So after three weeks I decided it was time to start the sculpting process. So I did some research online about Threading vs Waxing. Seems Threading is a trend these days. Firstly it is not easy to find a Beauty Therapist in Pretoria who is skilled in the art of threading, but lo and behold my old Beauty salon actually has a Threading Expert!

So the reason I chose threading is that Eyebrow threading is fast taking over as one of the most popular methods for safe, natural hair removal. Eyebrow threading is also better than waxing because it uses no chemicals and the process is so much faster.

What is Threading?

Threading is an ancient hair removal technique that uses 100% cotton thread to remove unwanted facial hair.

How it Works:

The Beauty therapist takes two long pieces of cotton thread and expertly wraps them around the unwanted hairs, removing them in one clean movement. The process is immediate; an almost artistic scissoring motion that gently and quickly removes hair from the root of the follicle.

The pain factor is honestly minimal, my eyes watered slightly because I am not used to eyebrow treatments. The process is so quick its literally over in 5/10 minutes. Everyone has different pain thresholds so I cannot complain. Just remember that area of the face is extremely sensitive. I walked out of the store with minimal redness.

If you are interested in threading and are in the Pretoria area then please visit

Le Chic Beauty Clinic – Brooklyn Mall

(012) 460 9430


They have not asked me to promote their store, they were super helpful when I went there and I didn’t not have to wait to be attended s i did not have a booking.

Let me know if you get your eyebrows threaded and what you thought of the experience.

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