Cracked Nails

Tip Top came out with a “U crack me up” by Rikki Brest nail polish quite a while back. I tried using it but I just didn’t like the way it looked. I had a change of heart yesterday when a friend of mine was sporting a green and black version. So here we go,with a little practice, it actually comes out great. So here are my statement nails…

Essence “Black and white collection in “White Hype”
Tip Top “U crack me up” collection in “Black Mosaic Crackle”

Step one:

Make sure you have removed your previous nail varnish completely (I painyt my nails once a week). Then apply two coats of “White Rage” and allow to dry commpletely.


Step two:
Add the black nailpolish from “Tip Top” and watch it begin to crack the minute it is applied.Once dry apply two coats of the clear nailpolish to complete the look.


Now I know it looks messy,but finish the look of by taking a ear bud with nailvarnish remover and cleaning off the unwanted varnish on the ends or just take a quick bath and it cleans it up for you!


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