A Lip Affair

I am not the biggest make -up fan, well it is mostly due to the fact that I think I need some make- up lessons, just to learn how to blend eye shadows together, perfect liquid eyeliner aplication and the perfect smokey eye. These are a few things I need to tackle:)
On that note, I do however love lipsticks, I keep my face pretty simple, with some mascara, foundation and a dash of blush. I only use eyeliner in the evenings.

While I was cleaning out my make- up and noticed that I had ad quite the Revlon Collection, so I thought, what the heck, I might as well to a post on my collection which I can tell is going to continue to grow. I was blessed with full lips, so for me, my outfit is not complete without putting on some lipstick or gloss. I used to only buy pinky coloured lipsticks, but lately I have tried experimention with colour I would not normal consider,keeping in mind that not all colours suit every skin tone of course! I cannot wait for winter to try on some darker shades – vixen:)

I would love some recommedations on any amazing Revlon prioducts you may use, or other great brandsyou would love to share.

Hope you all having a great week.
 photo P1070507_zpsf968985f.jpg

 photo P1070508_zps5a59fe20.jpg

 photo P1070516_zps81f45306.jpg
Taken at work in the bathroom (classy I know)

 photo P1070513_zpsc2a3a721.jpg

My favourite lipsticks #680 and #005

Below is a list of all the lipsticks (left to right) and gloss’s featured in  my photo’s:

Lipsticks (3 types):


  • #680 – Temptress 
  • #677 – Siren
  • #180 – Melonade
  • #490 – Mad about Mauve


  • #011- Stormy Pink
  • #005 – Strawberry Suede
  • #001 – Nude Attitude
  • #004 Pink About It


  • #305 – Highbeam Tan
  • Limited edition: Rare Baroque


  • #008 – Fairy Floss
  • #001 – Milk Tea
  • #007 – Glisten
  • #013 – Pink It Up
  • Colour Stay Overtime Lipcolor
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