10 Shopping rules to follow:

Going through my closet last night, I realised that I have made a few unnecessary purchases, and I have way to much of everything(which isn’t a bad thing),although every women knows that when you love certain items in your closet, you forget about the rest. So in actual fact you don’t need a closet filled with stuff, mixing and matching unique items together, will make a great outfit for everyday.

With that I have come up with a couple of rules I need to adhere to every time I go shopping!
1. Get rid of unwanted items in your closet, use the FIFO rule (first in first out).
2. Before buying the item I will make sure I know what items I will pair it up with that are already in my closet.
3. A tailor is crucial in order to make things fit to your body type.
4. Let’s support our own and buy from South African designers who are very talented!!
5. Go and find the perfect vintage store.
6. Consider how many times you will wear the item versus the price, boots for example that for R1000 that will last you a couple of seasons is definitely worth it, but a R2000 dress you wear once is just a waste.
7. Make sure the item is comfy and makes you feel confident before you buy it.
8. Retail therapy when depressed is great just make sure that you don’t make any bad impulse purchases!
9. Accessorize, Accessorize, Accessorize.
10. Of course a LBD is a much needed item in every woman’s closet!

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